These past couple of months have been quite an adjustment to say the least.  If we as adults feel the strain, imagine how our children must be feeling.  So many uncertainties with all of our lives being changed in the blink of an eye.  It’s important to come together to uplift and help one another get through these difficult times.  These are a few things that have been helpful for my household.

Pray Together

My son and I take turns praying for our world at the beginning and end of each day. We also take time in the afternoon to thank God for all that we have and ask for the needs to be met for those less fortunate.  Praying as a family provides a sense of security and strengthens us all which is much needed during these times.

Take Interest In Things Your Child Wants To Do

Our children are experiencing so many different emotions and going through a lot  Make the time to step into their world to play games or even watch their favorite movies or shows.  Not only is this great for family bonding but it also keeps their spirits and confidence in tact.

Validate All Feelings

We are experiencing some really tough times and most of us don’t know exactly how to feel.  We have to be patient, show empathy and show interest in what our family may be feeling.  Set a day each week to come together and have everyone share their emotions and what they are feeling at that time. 

Offer Hugs

Affection is one of the best ways to show support but it is also guaranteed to relieve stress.  Hugs provide a sense of security and a feeling that everything will be okay.  A hug can go a long way in the most difficult and stressful of times. We give countless hugs throughout each day and I honestly think that it helps me more than it does them.

Show Unconditional Love

Give love to one another without conditions and limitations.  Show your loved ones that you are there and willing to love and provide affection through it all.

Use this time to become closer and provide comfort so that your family will be confident in knowing that things will get better.  We are all in this together so take this time and create a bond stronger than ever. Make the best of each day and find ways to create beautiful “quarantined” memories that will last for a lifetime.