We all feel overwhelmed at times despite all of the great things life has to offer. There will always be times when we reach our breaking point which in turn could cause a mental breakdown.  Some experience the weight more than others and may have a harder time getting through it.  Self care is extremely important and paying attention to your body both physically and mentally is key in recognizing signs of exhaustion. 

These are six signs in knowing when your body is requiring a little more rest.

You No Longer Put Yourself First

Blaming others and all that’s going on around you in hopes of ignoring the cries for help from your body only weighs you down more.  Learn to begin to put your needs first and worry about the needs of others at a later time.  

You Are Stressed Out Most Of The Time

If at one moment you are freaking out about things and the next minute you are completely numb to it all, chances are you’re experiencing stress.  Take time for you and prioritize the smallest of day to day activities.

There Is A Change In Your Sleep Pattern

Lying in bed at night giving it your all to fall asleep to no prevail and also sleeping/napping more frequently than usual typically will occur.

You Begin Isolating Yourself From Others

You begin pushing away the ones that love you the most thinking that time alone is what you need.  In reality, the more you try to hide and bury your feelings, the harder it will become for you to face and deal with the pain you are actually experiencing.  

Physical Aches And Pains

Being distraught mentally and battling anxiety and depression will eventually take its toll on you physically.  Experiencing frequent headaches, nausea and body aches can all be contributed to stress taking over your body in every way possible.

You Have Lost Hope For Better Days

With all of life’s blows you begin to stop searching for a brighter future.  You’ve hid behind the pain for so long that it almost begins to feel normal.  Remind yourself that what you are feeling is in no way normal and that you deserve happiness and peace.

Life is all about losing and finding yourself but getting through those times that we feel lost the most is a true testament of strength.  Be persistent and diligent in taking care of yourself mind, body and soul. Take a few minutes each day to pray and meditate knowing that better days are to come.