Most of us seem to go through life complicating things at times, I myself have been guilty of doing so.  Holding grudges, not following your dreams and being envious of others are a few things that can contribute to complicating life.  Losing people closest to me is what triggered me to begin to see life through a different lens.  These are a few of life’s simple rules that I have learned to apply to my everyday living.

Smile Often

You don’t own the problems of the world so don’t stress over the things that you can’t control.  Life is short so smile more and worry less!

Make Peace With Your Past

We all have a past and most of us will admit to having a lot of things that we wish we could change.  Anything that wasn’t a blessing should be a lesson so move on and don’t let it affect your future.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think Of You

You could be doing everything right and people will still find something negative to say.  Be more concerned with how you treat people rather than what those that don’t bring positive light to your life thinks of you.  

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

You have no idea of the road others have traveled to get where they are in life.  Don’t pass judgement and be genuinely happy for those that are deserving.

You’re Not Expected to Have All The Answers

Life is about learning and each day brings on something new but you won’t come to know some of the answers until you least expect it.  Don’t be hard on yourself and learn not to take things so seriously.

Time Heals Most Wounds

I’m proud to say that I am definitely living proof of this.  I’ve endured so much pain in my life that it’s a wonder that I still have my sanity.  With God and time the heart will heal.  The very things that you didn’t think you would get through will become your testimony that may help others.  

You Are In Control Of Your Own Happiness

Oftentimes some may get caught up in trying to find happiness through people and materialistic things.  Take a look in the mirror and dig deep down to find what brings you joy because true happiness starts from within.  

Life is all about choices and is what you make it.  Live your life based on what makes you happy and not how others may define it.  Live your best life, be kind to one another and never take a day for granted.