This past week I received the best surprise ever from my sister.  In honor of Shae’s birthday which was Valentine’s Day, she sent me an amazing card filled with a few pictures that she had of my daughter. Such a thoughtful gesture which was completely unexpected and filled my heart with such joy because I remember it as if it were yesterday. This instantly took me on a beautiful walk down memory lane.

This was taken on my baby’s second Christmas and the jeep was brought by my dad.  We had recently moved from New Jersey to Virginia which put us a bit closer to dad.  He adored his grandchildren and I joked with him often in saying that he loved them more than he did me, which he probably did and that was fine.  Those grandkids had his heartt and Shae really had him wrapped around her finger since she was the first grandbaby.

He was super excited the entire week of Christmas, counting down the days of his arrival.  Once he got there her face lit up instantly and I couldn’t tear the two of them apart. I don’t know which of them was more excited to get outside with her new wheels papa had brought for her.  Once they finally made it outside dad played just as hard as she did.  

This would be the first of many Christmases to come that he would get to spend with our Tinkerbell and her siblings.  Now that they both are no longer here with us, I rely on simple things such as photos like this to keep their memory alive.   “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  

My sister never ceases to amaze me and this treat was right on time as I live for moments like this. I wouldn’t expect anything less of her and I am so very appreciative for this beautiful walk down memory lane.