As soon as I got in the car this morning to leave for work Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” was playing on the radio.  It took me years after losing my daughter before I was able to listen to what has always been my favorite Christmas song. My eyes began to water a bit until I heard my son’s voice from the backseat.  “Mommy I love Christmas time…don’t you”, as his little head bopped to the beat of the music.  

This immediately made my heart smile!  This sweet face looking at me and counting on me for oh so many reasons.  My last born blessing!  I replied to him that I absolutely loved Christmas!  As I drove to drop him off at school we admired the holiday decorations and got excited on some of the creative things we were seeing. Some of the sadness that initially felt slowly began to ease off of my heart.

This is a part of me “living”  it can sometimes be the smallest of things.  Feeling the brisk cold air on my face, having a job to go to, having a car to drive, are all  things many don’t have and may be things that we often take for granted.  

We made it and oh how proud our loved ones that have passed on must be of us.  Making the choice to get up each day and press on even when we sometimes may not feel our best.  

Seek out the little things that bring you joy and build from that!  You will be amazed at how long that list may actually be.  

Say a prayer, put on a smile and choose to have an awesome week!  

In the words of Bob Marley “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” 

Be strong, conquer one day at a time, do what makes you happy and be GREAT!!!