If someone had told me 20 years ago that this would be how my life would play out I would have never believed it.  Losing a child was one of the worst things that I have ever encountered in life but I’m happy to say that I am living. I’m a wife, and mother to five beautiful children in my imperfectly blended family.  My husband and I share one son, I have a daughter and a son and two bonus sons. I can now add “blogger” to my list of accomplishments.

I’ve spent a lot of my time over the years volunteering with Hospice and AFSP, both are organizations that hold great meaning for me.  I lost my mother to cancer and Hospice stepped in at the end and really helped prepare us for what was to come. I lost Shae by suicide so AFSP has helped me connect with parents that had lost their children and felt my pain and guilt in the same way.  This has been very helpful in my healing and I encourage you to find something meaningful to offer your time to.

I enjoy crafting, shopping and cooking and will be sharing a little of each from time to time to give you insight of what my new normal is all about.

I’ve finally gotten to a place in life where I feel that I am strong enough and comfortable enough in sharing my story of the loss of my daughter.  After losing Shae I was a complete mess and have finally decided to transform my mess into a message and pray that I can be beneficial in helping others. 

One day at a time, we will heal, because there is life after.  God bless!