Well I made it through another year which is now your 15th angelversary

Although it gets a little easier with time it still seems so unfair to me

I missed out on so many things that others may often times take for granted

I’d give a limb in exchange for the pain at times I just can’t even stand it

I never got to see you off on your first date or drop you off to work for your first day

Thinking back on all of the things with you I’ll miss still hurts me in the worst way

No flowers at graduation, no shopping for your wedding dress

Despite my pain I’ll never question God’s will for he knows what’s best

This world is spinning out of control and I know you are in such a better place

Yet still at often times I wish that for just a few moments I could see your face

So much has taken place both good and bad since the day you left me

It took me quite some time to understand that this is how things will now be

A broken heart is what I have now and never again will it be whole

No matter the amount of happiness that I find your always on my mind this pain is buried in my soul

Just know that I’m okay now and I hope you are proud of how I’ve endured all of this pain

I’ve learned to smile again and find comfort in knowing that the sun comes after the rain

You know my heart and how I feel and know just how much you’re missed

Please wrap your arms around all my loved ones and give each one a hug and kiss

My beautiful, loving and caring Tinkerbell is forever who you are

Until we meet again know that you will forever be my little angel in the stars