The Coronavirus pandemic continues to rapidly spread which is causing concern for many.   Schools have been closed across the nation with no definite date of our children and teachers being able to return.  Businesses are closing, the grocery stores are extremely low on supplies and many have begun working from home. Life as we know it has completely changed forcing us all to be still but know that this too shall pass.

It is during times like this that we have to put our trust in God and allow ourselves to find the good in such trying situations.  For me, quarantine equates to quality time that I will be able to be home and spend with my family. I will make the best of my time by doing some thorough spring cleaning which I’ve been putting off the past few weeks.

The economy is suffering and anything not deemed as “essential” has been forced to close.  Stores being closed will provide most an opportunity to save money so there is the bright side in that. There are many uncertainties that lie ahead, but that can be applied to life in general.  At this point, we must take things one day at a time. Remain calm and count your blessings rather the things that you are being forced to go without.

My heart and prayers go out to all of those that are unemployed due to these unfortunate circumstances.  I pray for the children that may be dealing with hardships in the home that looked to school as an out. To the business owners that will be closed, just know that once this is over you will be blessed tenfold.  

In times like these we should pray more, worry less and take advantage of the down time which doesn’t come very often.  Be kind and thoughtful if you are on social media, using this platform to be uplifting as we are all in this together. With all the precious time you are now afforded, enjoy your biggest blessings in life and just be still knowing that this too shall pass.