Life wasn’t meant to be perfect and is full of ups and downs. However the things that you may feel were meant to break you turns out to be the things to build you.   We all will experience many hardships in life but it’s important to focus on getting to the beautiful moments that awaits us.

I have been dealt a pretty tough hand in life but I know that I haven’t been the only one.  I watched my mother battle breast cancer and saw how she fought for her life until the very end  for me and my siblings. I was there throughout my first born daughter’s battle with depression and was home the day she took her own life.  Three years after losing my daughter my dad passed with complications of the heart. I’ve always felt this was contributed to a broken heart as he had never been the same after my daughter passed.

To be broken is to be damaged, no longer in working order and having given up hope.  I was broken for many years of my life but I’ve been restored and I’m so very thankful.  It took me some time to get to this place of acceptance but once I stopped fighting those emotions and realized my reason for being, I turned to a place of gratitude.  

I had made it, I had weathered all my storms and had become one of the most amazing women that I know.  Yes I credit myself in the highest regards because I think back to the heartache and pain my dad felt after my Shae passed.  I recall how his health began deteriorating and I think, that could have easily been me.   God knew that my children needed me and he kept me here so I became determined to give life my all.

I understand now that the series of ups and downs that I still experience at times are only temporary and that better days are always to come.  I will always remain bereaved…that will never change. However, I’m very happy to say that I am no longer broken and through it all have remained extremely blessed.

Joel 2:25

“God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing.  All you need is faith.”