Your home and day to day surroundings will be full of things to do and family and friends after the death of a loved one.  You will find that all the planning makes for shorter days. Once it’s over, the days become longer and your sorrow becomes stronger.  This is completely normal and part of the process. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the lonesome days to come.  Remember…you will get through this.

Fall was always a very tough time for me and sometimes still is.  The weather changes, it gets dark earlier and Holidays are approaching which makes me miss her even more.

Shae really enjoyed cooking and was my Thanksgiving kitchen helper.  She loved helping me prep and sampling the food was her favorite.  That cute, chubby face would light up the entire room on Christmas morning with excitement on all the gifts that Santa had left.

I channeled those emotions and loneliness into crafting and decorating for the holidays which not only helped me but also gave my children enjoyment. Be mindful that others are suffering with the loss as well so try to provide a sense of normalcy for your loved ones.

It gets better, then it gets worse and then it gets better again.  This cycle repeats itself when mourning the loss of a child. Just know that it’s to be expected and learn to grow in your season.