Holidays and birthdays were always the hardest time for me in coping with the loss of my loved ones.  Not only did I lose my daughter, but I’ve lost my parents and grandparents as well. It seems to be a revolving door all year long of memorable dates.

For me, I found that putting my energy into something meaningful helped the most.  I became more creative in my crafts and not only used this in decorating our home but I also lent my ideas by gifting friends help with their decorations as well.

Taking a break in between the hustle of the holidays is also important.  It’s a busy time, Take a few moments to take it all in each day, give thanks and express your gratefulness in remembering there are so many less fortunate and in worse situations than you are in this very moment.  Let those closest to you know of your feelings and what help they can offer to lighten the holiday load.

Check with your community, churches or schools to see if they need volunteers for holiday festivities.  Giving your time can be so rewarding and a great way to escape the pain if only for a short time.

Get your family involved with being of service to someone less fortunate.  The kids and I would volunteer and serve dinner at a women’s shelter. My best friend helps out at a children’s hospital with kids and families that won’t be in their homes during the holidays.  Helping others is the most rewarding feeling and seeing that their are people really dealing with hardships will help you become more thankful of all the things you have in life.