Life is tough but no matter how hard things may seem don’t give up…keep pushing.  Everyday living can be full of ups and downs and at times it won’t be easy. There will be bad days and rough patches but you will also experience all the beauty, love and joy that it has to offer.  Accepting the bad with the good and focusing on the amazing things to come is what matters.

I’ve been dealt some pretty tough hands in this game of life, as I’m sure many have.  I’ve bent many times but never did I break. I somehow always managed to count my blessings which made me realize that my good outweighs my bad.  I learned early on in life that by choosing to be optimistic there was no way I could lose.

Life is all about choices and I choose to try to maintain a good quality of life by doing my best to push through the tough times and giving up is never an option.  This not only is beneficial for my family or with relationships with those closest to me but can also be contributed in my day to day life. Some mornings starting off may be a bit trying but it always seems to get better with each passing hour.

Each night I end my day by making a conscious decision to not carry any worries or troubles from that day in to the new day that lies ahead. I pray and then cast all of my burdens too heavy to carry over to God.   I wake each morning full of gratitude and a positive mindset which mentally prepares me for whatever the day may hold.

Giving up may be easy but in no way will it be as rewarding as putting up a good fight.  Fighting for peace, happiness, love and all of the wonderful things life has to offer.  “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” Don’t give up…keep pushing because tough times don’t last, but tough people do.