A toxic person is someone that constantly displays negative and sometimes hurtful behavior.  We all have been faced with toxic relationships and no matter a friend or family member, there comes a time that we have to remove these individuals from our lives.  It can be a difficult decision for most because the love may still be there.  However it can be beneficial for living a happy life and these are a few tips for moving on.

Focus On Your Healthy Relationships

Put your time and energy into those that help you grow as a person.  The ones that genuinely have your best interest at heart and want to see you succeed.  

Don’t Hold Out For An Apology

It’s most likely that your friend or family member shows no remorse if they’ve gotten you to a place of being done with the relationship.  Learn to accept what is, let it go and be done.

Allow Time For Sadness

It’s always tough to let go of someone that you love so having feelings of sadness will be perfectly normal.  Reflect on the lessons you learned from that particular relationship and let that set the tone for what you will tolerate in the future.  

Let Your Friends And Family Help

Don’t try to go through it alone but rather let those closest to you help in working through the pain.  Those that know you best will want to be there for you and won’t allow you to take that journey alone. 

We should all reflect on the unhealthy relationships when we cut our ties.  They all should teach us something, if nothing else how we will allow ourselves to be treated going forward.  Knowing when it’s time to let go displays a great deal of strength and it’s okay to end unhealthy relationships whether with friends or family.  The pain will last for a short time but the joy and peace that you will receive will endure for a lifetime.