Yoga is great for anxiety and is my top choice in workouts. I usually try to incorporate my exercise routine after my meditation because the two go hand in hand. I also enjoy a nice fast paced walk and there are a lot of online videos that you can utilize for an indoor workout. 

You can also incorporate your “fun day” by joining a gym with your spouse or closest friend to have a little added motivation to your workout. Dedicating at least 20-30 minutes each day definitely helps with decreasing anxiety and stress.  Find a workout you love and stick with it.

I find that working out in the morning is more effective to a more stress free day.  However it’s also helpful at the very end of a stressful day. This is the reason I often times get a double work out which works out great! 

Find a routine that works best for you and an exercise that you enjoy doing and stick with it for a healthier mind, body and soul.