Many of us will admit to having a good childhood with fond memories of growing up. Where weekends were spent gathering with family at grandma’s house to break bread and show love to one another.  Unfortunately, although things shouldn’t change, in most cases they do once we become adults.

Memories oftentimes run through my mind of how things used to be.  The excitement of spending time with our family consumed my mom and siblings all week long. Meeting at a different house on Sundays to enjoy dinner and catch up on everyone’s week.  Those were the good old days and I sure do miss them at times.

For the first few years of my kids’ lives we were able to somewhat keep with certain traditions.  However honestly it seems nothing was ever the same after losing my mom.  Everyone went on to have families of their own and with time we all grew further apart.  

My grandmother tried to do her very best up until the day that she passed to keep us all together.  After she left us, our family dynamic completely changed and it was downhill from there.  I do understand creating a family of your own because I couldn’t be more happy with my immediate family and I definitely cherish my little tribe .  However, I can’t understand the lack of communication and concern from the people who you thought once loved you the most.

Once we reach a certain age it becomes clear that those we can count on and become closest to are not of blood relation.  Healthy friendships with those always there for you and that have your best interest at heart is important .  Building and growing with those that genuinely care and are concerned for you is what life is all about.

I will be the first to admit that life without the family you once knew can be a little lonely at times.  The loneliness doesn’t last always so just learn to focus on the healthy relationships that you have been blessed with and accept things for what they are.  Not all relationships are repairable and there is some pain that you just can’t move past and that is okay.  Appreciate all that you do have and cherish the wonderful people in your life who loves you unconditionally.