Valentines Day has and always will be one of the best days of my life and also one of the most difficult days.  It was the day that my first born daughter Quashe’ was born. Since losing her I’ve only lived this day in sorrow.  Well not that’s about to change as I have now decided to celebrate her birthday and holiday for the entire month of February in celebration of her life. In preparation for the up and coming month I have begun crafting for myself and others. 

Not only were these fun to make but it also allowed me to turn my sadness into happiness by doing something I love. Here’s a few of my “sweet” creations in memory of my loving daughter Judy Quashe’…forever my “Tinkerbell”. 

Life Size Lollipops (4ft Tall)…for Shae’s love of candy

Heart Wreath

Sweet Cups

Fairy” Cups

Sweet…simple and fun but most of all made with LOVE!