Another birthday without you here is upon us and I’m still missing you like crazy.  Thoughts feel my head as to how life would be right now if you were still here with me. Something tells me that you would have a family of your own now and a career that you loved.  I envision you coming over every Sunday helping me prepare a big dinner for our families lighting up our entire home with that beautiful smile.

I know that your grandparents are loving all over you and today there will be a big celebration in the sky for your special day.  My heart is filled with so much joy in knowing that I have a direct connection to heaven but there is a small piece of me that remains selfish in wishing you were still here.

Life has a funny way of turning our world upside down to reveal what’s important in teaching us to be grateful for the little things that we have.  I never knew that I could miss someone so much, never thought I could experience this much pain, never knew that I would be strong enough to survive losing you.  There was a time that I can recall being fearful of death but I am now comforted by the fact in knowing that one day we will be together again.

There is not one thing about you that I don’t miss and I will keep all of those memories in my heart until my last breath.  I’m completely grateful for the short time that I was blessed to have you on this earth because you made my life so much sweeter. Valentine’s Day will always hold only one meaning for me and that is the day that I gave birth to my angel so today we celebrate in your memory.  Happy “heavenly” Birthday to my Shae also affectionately known as “Tink”. We love you, we miss you and we thank you for watching over us and continuously shining your light.  

Psalm 31:9

“Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am in distress: My eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and body with grief.”