Anxiety and worrying is a normal part of life but if it becomes excessive and begins interfering with your day to day routine then you may want to consider seeing a doctor. It’s important to pay attention to your body and how you are feeling as it can eventually lead to a more serious diagnosis.

Stress has a different effect on all individuals and often times has you feeling as though you are drowning in life.  For me, it shows up in the form of panic attacks, headaches, chronic fatigue and my acid reflux worsens. Other health issues associated with worrying may be high blood pressure, backaches, rapid heartbeat, upset stomach as well as respiratory problems.  

It has lasting effects on your brain causing you to be absent minded or neglectful which is disruptive to your peace of mind. Unnecessary worrying as associated with the brain can also cause depression and mental health illness.

It’s hard to believe that worrying can contribute to such a long list of prolonged health issues.  How we react to things is a huge factor in how we deal with stress. I’ve found that it’s mostly psychological so we can definitely program our minds when it comes to dealing with anxiety.  

I can remember when my panic attacks were so extreme they would send me to the emergency room.  Over the years I’ve learned to breath through it as it comes and instill positive thoughts and the anxiety slowly began to subside.   Meditation is also helpful in removing negative thoughts and allowing peace and calm to take over. 

The only thing that worrying changes is your state of health both mentally and physically.  It won’t take away the issue that you are facing and will only cause you more distress .  Make a conscious decision to let go of the things you are unable to change, be determined for a stress free life and turn to God being consistent in prayer.  

Get excited about all that’s right in your life and let go of things that could go wrong.  Life can be hard enough so find inner peace and don’t sweat the small stuff.