Life can be hard even at the most easiest of times

Full of rainy days mixed with days full of sunshine

Life is everything you could Imagine

Joy, happiness, excitement and sorrow

Just because today’s a bad day doesn’t mean it won’t be better tomorrow

Life is everything you could imagine  

It’s that warm day at the beach and the feel of sand between your toes

Life is that cold November’s night by the fire with marshmallows flowing through a hot cup of cocoa

It can be as blue as the sky on a beautiful day in Spring

But at times it can be that lonely dark night with all of the uncertainties it can at often times bring

Life is everything you could imagine

That ice cream sundae with a cherry on top on a scorching hot summers day

Is life at its best kissing your skin with all of the sun’s brightest of rays

The rain hitting against your window, slowing you down with a rainbow that soon appears

There will be times of panic, anxiety and worry that then intensifies your fears

Life is everything you could imagine

Good times then bad times then good times will come again

Life is ful of lessons and many heartaches to be shared with lifelong friends

You will suffer many losses and experience an abundant amount of love

Life is for the living full of blessings sent from the heavens above

Life is everything you could imagine

It can be as sweet as a lollipop with the sour remnants of lemons and limes

Full of obstacles as if swimming the widest of seas or the highest mountains to climb

Life is for the living and each day you should make the decision to give it your all

Through life’s trials and tribulations stand and hold your head high in those moments when you fall

Life is everything you can imagine

Despite the countless tears cried and all of the pain I’ve pushed through and always did the best that I could

Even through the worst of times, through things I may not understand, I still know that life is good