In most recent events we lost one of my favorite actor’s Chadwick Boseman who I consider to be a true definition of a hero, His death was caused by cancer which he had battled for the past four years. Throughout it all he was able to film several movies and was always such a positive ray of light, showing absolutely no sign of all he was going through.

I can only imagine all that he endured and that has been an eye opener for me as I’m sure for many.  It’s easy to complain and get caught up in what we find to be troublesome but through it all we must learn to laugh more and worry less.  In all actuality, our complaints are nothing compared to what many are going through day to day.

Oftentimes I’ve found myself griping about temporary issues or about things that I am capable of changing.  There are many that have no control of the hand they’ve been dealt and would give anything to be in your shoes. It sometimes takes the unfortunate events and tragedies in someone else’s life to allow us to see all that we have and realize all the many reasons to be thankful.

I will no longer entertain things or people that don’t contribute to my happiness.  I will no longer allow the troubles of the world to rest on my shoulders which only burdens my soul.  I will no longer let simple things be the cause of what I once considered to be a “bad day.”

I will let go of the things that are out of my control and focus on the better days that’s  to come.  I will cherish those that love me most and put my energy into making each minute of everyday count.  I will continue to do my best to remain positive through all of those ‘not so good” moments. Life is short so from here on out I take a vow to laugh more and worry less.