Life can be extremely hard at times, so it’s important to get in the habit of being aware of and acknowledging all of the good things it has to offer.   Everyone may have a different opinion of what happiness truly is or what it means to them. Many find happiness in material things and living a particularly high maintenance lifestyle.  Then there are those like me that finds happiness in my family, good health, staying positive and peace of mind.

Good habits and having structure throughout your day helps to contribute to happy living.  Happiness is a state of mind and choosing to see the upside of things. If you are constantly focusing on what’s wrong, how are you able to focus on all of what’s right?  Are you constantly consumed with more unhappy thoughts whether pertaining to your relationships or work? If so then you may want to have a look in the mirror because happiness starts from within.

There are key factors in life that are beneficial to happiness and that’s making the choice to actually be happy, practicing gratitude daily, laughing more, and finding enjoyment in the little things.  Some definitely try to find happiness through others which should never be the case as people tend to disappoint.

No one knows the amount of time they have on earth so it’s important to make each and every day count.   Here today, gone tomorrow, so don’t wait on “things” or people to bring you happiness.  Surround yourself with those that love you and bring laughter into your heart.  Welcome each morning with a heart full of gratefulness and prepare for amazing things to happen in your day.  

Embrace each day as if it were your last, be determined to laugh often and get excited about the little things in life. Remember…no one is in charge of your happiness except you.