Mental Health conditions are common, impacting nearly 47 million Americans.  With the entire nation being quarantined and having to adjust to social distancing it’s highly possible that it may take a toll on those battling the disease.  These are a few things you may be faced with during these difficult times .


An interruption of our daily routine associated with work or school may result in boredom which may then bring on depression.  Being isolated can begin to bring on feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and unworthiness. Writing for me is therapeutic, so try starting a journal detailing your feelings and creative ways you are getting through each day.

Deuteronomy 31:6


There may be feelings of concern for you or someone you love contracting the COVID-19 virus which then increases your anxiety.  Worry may begin to set in about food and other needed essentials as most stores have been very limited on supplies.  Focus on positive thoughts and the many reasons you have to be thankful.

Joshua 1:9


It’s possible that you experience feelings of anger and frustration and that is normal given the circumstances. Feelings of resentment may come with being isolated as it can be very difficult being confined and unable to go on with your usual routine. Take deep breaths when your anxiety is on overload and rest knowing that God has you covered.

Ephesians 4:26-27

How To Handle

All of what you may be going through is nothing out of the ordinary as we all may be experiencing these same feelings.   It’s important to try to follow a daily routine to keep some sort of stability in your life. Get up in the morning, workout, shower and have breakfast.  Step outside each day for fresh air taking time to focus on all of God’s beautiful creations.

Keep in touch with friends and family through text, calls or even video chatting. Find things to do around your home that you’ve been putting off or prepare that recipe you have been wanting to try.  

Remain positive and do your best to not let your thoughts or the situation get the best of you. Take it one day at a time finding comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. Stay strong, keep pushing and know that things will get better.