A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

Mental and emotional health is a vital part of your life.  It impacts your behaviors and thoughts. If you aren’t healthy emotionally, it will affect your activities such as school, work or just the simple tasks of caring for yourself.


Shae was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at the age of 8 and I had no idea how serious the disease was.  This was in 1999 and it wasn’t often spoke of and at the time there was not a wide range of medications for children for the disorder. Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depressive illness causes unusual shifts in energy, mood and the ability to carry out day to day tasks.

I was unfamiliar with mental illness before losing my daughter.  I mean, I had bad days but nothing that really pushed me over the edge but losing my daughter seemed to be that one thing that pushed me over the edge.

I began experiencing things I had never felt before.  Panic attacks, tightening in my chest, anxiety, and I’d go for days crying not eating nor sleeping. Your mental health will fail you for sometime after losing a child.  Get prepared to put up a good fight and get the best of it rather it get the best of you.


I was put on a mild medication for about a year but gradually weaned myself off (with dr’s help) as I did not want to become addicted.  For the first year I was very weak, no significant other in my life. Just me and my two children so I knew that I needed the assistance of medication.

Depression is sure to set in after losing someone close to you. There will be all types of emotions you will experience that you never knew were there. It’s okay to not be okay and there is help and resources available.  

The stigma associated with Mental illness is quite unfortunate.  We take care of ourselves in the physical sense with no questions asked so the same should be applied to our mental well being.

Don’t lose hope, there’s help and you don’t have to fight alone!