What a beautiful day it is.  Santa made an appearance last night, the family is together, we’re happy and healthy and the magic of Christmas is in the air.  I’m overjoyed with being around those that I love the most and seeing their smiling faces. Once you lose something that means the world to you, being with loved ones is all that matters.

It took a while to get to this place after losing my daughter and other loved ones that followed.  By God’s grace I can truly say that I have made it through and each season gets easier and better. Today I will spend time with family, eat and enjoy their presence that’s more to me than presents and I will also take time for me.  Time to reflect on all of my blessings and to be present in every moment because “this” Christmas will never come again.

If you have a roof over your head, food to eat, warmth during the cold nights, and people that love you then you have everything that you need.  Sending prayers up for all those that are fighting battles, feeling empty from the loss of a loved one, or feeling broken from the pressures of life.

Keep pushing, find reasons to be grateful, love on those that are loving on you and find peace in knowing that things will get better.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas day and take time for you this evening to reflect on all that you truly have instead of focusing on what you may be missing.  Peace and blessings to you and yours and remember…tis the season to be jolly!