After losing my daughter, Valentines Day to me, only signified one thing which was her birthday.  It took me a great deal of time to accept the fact that what was once one of the happiest days of my life would now be one of the saddest. A year ago I decided to channel my sadness and grief into crafting in hopes of possibly providing someone else with a little joy.  

I began doing candy bouquets and baskets for all occasions and am happy to say that I have had another successful Valentines Day holiday this year with my crafting business “Missy’s BOOquets”. Here’s a few of the fun items that I had the pleasure of doing.

“Boxed” BOOquets

“Fairy” Cups

“Frozen” Basket

“Monkeying around” BOOquet

Crafting and creativity come in a variety of things and there’s no better cure for moments of grieving or anxiety than a cool hobby.  I really enjoy the candy bouquets and baskets as a way to add a little sweetness to someone’s day.

Live, laugh, love and indulge in a few sweet treats!