Today we will witness you graduate from Pre-K and this fills our hearts with such joy

I pray for your safety and covering from this cold dark world everyday my little black boy

May you dodge any negative hurt and pain based on the color of your skin

The reality is that at some point you will encounter racism but through it all I know that you will win

Don’t ever get down on yourself or lose your self esteem always strive to be the very best that you can be

You are amazing, your skin is as sweet as a chocolate bar and please know that you are everything to me

I wish that I could bottle up your innocence and continue to protect you from harsh things that for you may await

Stand strong in your beliefs and remember what your dad and I taught you and hopefully some of the hate you can escape

Our last born blessing, our everything and to our lives you have added so much joy

I pray that you are never faced with the things we have witnessed for too many years my little black boy

Seems we aren’t safe going to the store, sitting in our own homes or even jogging down the street

The ones that are supposed to protect us we now fear and they wear blue no longer disguised in white sheets

You follow behind your three older brothers and my concerns and fears are applied to them too

I promise that as long as I am breathing I will be your peace and be there and do my best to protect you

Keep your head high, don’t let anyone ever break you or steal your joy

You are amazing, you can do all things through Christ and you are everything my little black boy

Your Mom…Missy