Although our child is no longer with us in the physical form, they will reveal their presence in the spiritual sense. Coping with the loss of a child is very difficult so it’s easy to be so consumed with grief that you lose focus on other things.

I noticed with Shae’s passing that I would often times find pennies lying around and this was odd because they would often times be in the strangest places. This couldn’t be coincidence…or could it be?  In talking to my grandmother one day she had told me to pay attention to finding pennies and this was before I had even told her of me finding them and she said this was a way of our loved ones in heaven communicating with us.

My grandmother was a key factor in my healing as well.  My mom passed at the age of 31 so she knew the pain of losing a daughter and shared her stories of finding pennies with me.

The Angel and the Penny

My fascination with butterflies began when my grandmother told me that this was a sign from our deceased loved ones that their spirits lived on.  Now butterflies are one of my biggest obsessions. 

I always noticed feeling Shae’s presence around during my weakest moments.  I could be having a complete meltdown and suddenly feel a calm come over me.  At that time my tears would stop instantly and be replaced with a smile. This is the most strange yet comforting feeling that I look forward to because I know it’s her that is there comforting me and letting me know she’s with me.