Most of us are currently under quarantine and practicing social distancing in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are being asked not to leave our homes unless we absolutely have to which is causing cabin fever for many.  It hasn’t been too difficult for me because my family and home are two of my favorite things but these are a few things that have been useful in passing time.

Binge Watch A Series

Netflix and Hulu offers a wide variety of streaming options that are great for all ages. Our previous “normal” schedules may not have permitted the time to sit and actually watch an entire series.  Take this time to sit with family and binge watch a few shows, you will be amazed at how fast time goes by.

See A Concert

A lot of artists have been streaming concerts live from their homes.  There have also been a few of my favorite DJ’s hosting and streaming parties to lighten the mood.

Call Someone

We live in a world where texting has completely taken over and it’s definitely my main way of communicating with many.  During this time, pick up the phone and catch up with someone special. Take time to give a loved one a call to let them know that you are thinking about and praying for them. This could provide someone with so much joy at just the right time.


Spring is here despite the unfortunate circumstances and I know that I’ve been putting off spring cleaning for weeks. Take this time to declutter, clean ceiling fans, baseboards and things you don’t typically incorporate with weekly cleaning.  I also cleaned out closets and began swapping out winter clothes for our fun, colorful Spring wardrobes.


Board games and even card games can be quite fun in passing time and sharing in a few laughs with the family. My five year old is a huge PS4 player but my husband and I manage to pull him away from the game for a little indoor hide and seek. We also enjoy flashcards for combined fun and learning all in one.


I have always loved to cook but with our household now down to three and my schedule, I had begun only cooking about twice a week.  This time has allowed me to get back in the kitchen and cook more which I am really enjoying . I know the stores are low on supplies so get creative with items that you already have and include the family for added fun.

Get Outside

Social distancing is definitely important and needed to get us back to where we need to be.  However we can’t deprive ourselves of fresh air and sunlight. My son and I have gone out on the back deck some days as we work on school work.  We’ve played ball in the backyard and even gone for short bike rides on our street. Outside time is needed and helps to break the monotony of being confined to the home.

These are tough times but we have to make the best of each moment while social distancing.  Take it one day at a time and enjoy your home, family and all of the things around you that you have worked so hard for.  Wake up with a thankful heart knowing that things will get better and that we are all in this together. This is your time to be present in every moment showing gratitude in your own personal space.