You would be amazed at the amount of times women hide behind tears while fighting constant battles in hopes of keeping it together for our families.  How we breakdown in the midst of difficult times without anyone even knowing. Crying on those car rides alone or in the shower as the water washes away our tears.  Then instantly put on a happy face as if nothing was ever wrong to keep from bringing those closest to us down.

Yesterday was a not so good day for me.  The start of another year without Shae and Valentine’s Day (which was her birthday)  approaching had my spirits down a bit. I cried a lot off and on all day, yet I still managed to go to a family gathering without anyone having a clue that something was wrong.   I also think I did a pretty good job maintaining my emotions from my five year old because he’s too young to understand and I don’t want to upset him. My husband has been around long enough to know of my “off” days and does a great job at being present for whatever I’m in need of. He is also great at giving me alone time to pull myself together and work through my pain without any questions asked.

Since losing my daughter, countless women have told me that I am one of the strongest women that they know.  Being strong is in our DNA and remaining determined to push through my bad days in hopes of helping others is very necessary for me.  

Although I’ve made the choice to be happy, I’m also human and aware that life has its ups and downs so there will be some not so good days.  Even still I make the decision to put my best foot forward while still taking the time I need for myself to work through those moments that sadden me. Yet through it all remembering to remain grateful and Thankful for each day.

We are compassionate, nurturing, forgiving, understanding and manage to do it all while carrying ourselves in a manner that is admired by many.   We are fearless, classy, determined, and manage to wear a smile even when falling apart inside.

I  dedicate this post to all of the beautiful, strong women that remain positive and try their best to keep it together during the most difficult storms.  You are amazing, you are greatly appreciated and I applaud you…I applaud US.

Keep pushing ladies, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.  WE ROCK!!!