Moving on after losing a child is something no bereaved parent wants to do, but the reality is…we have to. Where and how do we begin to even know how to pick up the pieces and move forward? Everyone is different and learning to accept your new life and move forward is part of the process.

It took me a very long time after losing Shae before I chose to celebrate her life over mourning her death Family night became a hit in my household where once a week would watch her favorite movie and reminisce about the happy times and cry together, smile together and be thankful for one another.

Have a backyard bonfire or release a balloon on your child’s birthday or death date. Have picnics at the graveside and share what’s been going on your feelings on this new life without them.

Since losing my daughter, I’ve gotten married, had another baby, gained two bonus kids, had both my older kids leave the nest, and my daughter graduated from college.  Nothing has stayed the same, which is why I had to learn how to celebrate life and find ways to make my entire family happy by making new memories.

As my family grew, I knew that I had to grow too.   Although it took a lot out of me to try to move on, I knew that my daughter would want me to continue living.  

Once I got over the initial feeling of guilt which lead to sadness I was able to work through the process.  

It hasn’t been easy, but nothing in life ever seems to be. Keep pushing and striving to gain the happiness in life that you deserve again.