Life is all about unexpected turns showing us that not all days will be good days.  Even in knowing this, it still doesn’t make it easier when having to deal with difficult situations.  Staying strong in the midst of storms is a real testament of your character. There is nothing more beautiful than being known as a resilient person after weathering life’s storms.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Being strong may sometimes feel impossible to do but I am living proof that overcoming obstacles can be so very rewarding.  It’s a great feeling looking back on things that could have broken you and feeling extreme pride in knowing that you made it through.  Give yourself credit for the little things and get in the habit of appreciating your progress.

Be Patient

Never give up hope or think that your current situation is a sign of failure and that things won’t get better.  Powering through tough circumstances is what gives us strength so we should always be up for the challenge.  “Trouble doesn’t last always but tough people do.”  Keep pushing, be patient and know that whatever it is you are dealing with is temporary and shall pass.

Be Accepting Of Reality

Oftentimes we can create our own unhappiness by not being willing to accept situations for what they actually are.  Let go of the things that you can’t control. Learn to come to terms with things that are wrong and begin working towards making them right.

Give Yourself More Credit 

Getting through things that cause mental, physical and emotional distress is a huge reason to be proud.  Take time to look back on all of life’s circumstances and acknowledge all that you’ve been through.  

 “Grow through what you go through” and never give up during tough times.  You will look back and be so happy with the progress you’ve made and realize that staying strong in the midst of storms was well worth it.