Becoming a blogger and sharing my story was somewhat hard for me to do.  Coming out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there for others to be in a position to judge is not easy by any means..  God and faith is what brought me to the realization that my calling was much bigger than my fears and this was something that I had to do.

This was my story…this was my truth and it would be selfish of me to not share all I had gone through.  I knew after losing my daughter, that I had to be a voice and help others but I was so stricken by grief that I didn’t see how I would be able to move forward in my calling.

In struggling with my decision I shared a lot with my best friend and she shared a lot with me as well.  She was going through a lot of hardships in her life and was striving to accomplish her goals. I woke up this morning to the best text from her thanking me for being such an inspiration to her and for always being there and how proud she was of me.  Little did she know how much of an inspiration she was to me as well.

This woman was a big motivation to me in my decision in this journey always encouraging me to live in my truth.  She was a mother of a special needs child, a wife running a household and trying to obtain another degree to further her career in the medical field.  It was a huge step for her to take time from work and sacrifice certain things to enroll back in school. She knew that God had big plans for her life and once she stepped out on faith God did the rest.

She is now working in her field, more financially stable than she has ever been and loving the new chapter in her life.  No one said life would be easy but when you answer your calling it will be well worth it. You never know how much motivation you can be to someone just by following your heart and striving for something greater.

Most times, our biggest trials in life can be used as a blessing in helping someone else. Think of what you have possibly been through, then think of how that could possibly be beneficial in someone else’s healing.  Have you been wanting to go back to school or start your own business but procrastinating behind fear? It’s your time and this is your season.

Step out there and live your best life and see all that it has to offer.  Pray over all your dreams and goals then claim the victory and watch God work.  Don’t limit yourself and strive for the best in all that you do.

Matthew 17: 20

God Bless!