It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just days away. But we’ve made it!  Another holiday that we were able to conquer and you should be extremely proud. It only gets a little easier from here so…trust me.

Often times most get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, I too have been guilty of doing so  in the past. It’s easy to get consumed with “things” and taking someone’s presence and “being” for granted. This all rings true until something that money can’t buy is taken away from you  In that moment the holidays bring on a completely different feel and meaning.

Don’t get me wrong, the spirit of Christmas is still very much alive in our home and for my family.  I remained determined over the years to be the peace and happiness that my family needed and deserved which even means putting on a happy spirit during the holidays.  However after losing my daughter my “wants” changed completely as far as gifts . The things that I want will never be, so spending time with family, loving on one another and enjoying each other’s company is all that I need.

We still exchange gifts and I try to make it exciting for them but I also teach them that the most valuable things in life don’t come wrapped under a tree.  Simple things in life like watching movies and partaking of great food and desserts makes my heart smile. Showing compassion for others, being kind to one another,showing love and affectionate is what’s most important.

Find ways to feed your soul.  Give to those less fortunate, and give your time in helping your community or church with planning their upcoming events.  Providing your services to others will also help you in ways unimagined and will spark the joy you’ve been longing..  

Don’t spread yourself thin and focus on what’s truly important during the remainder of this holiday season.  Family, love and laughter.  

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!