I have always been a very girly girl and taken pride in pampering and caring for myself. Due to the unfortunate circumstances with social distancing, I haven’t been able to keep with my weekly routines for pampering outside of the home.  However I will not allow that to get in the way of taking care of “me” and maintaining while being at home.

I’ve been taking more bubble baths lately rather than showers since being home more.  With all of the uncertainties in the world, it feels great at the end of the day to have that moment.  I light candles and enjoy a glass of wine or hot green tea while listening to music (the genre changes based on my mood.)  This is my special time to unwind, relax and clear my mind even if for only 30 minutes.

Fortunately I have always kept personal grooming items for those times I couldn’t make it to the salon. I have been keeping up with my facials and skin exfoliating weekly to keep my skin healthy and rejuvenated. I also give myself a good manicure and pedicure usually towards the end of the week to be ready for my quarantined weekend.  Keeping my nails groomed and skin refreshed makes me feel at my best even in my pajamas with nowhere to go.  Be bold and try fun beautiful colors to brighten not only your nails but also your mood.

Most times it’s the little things that mean the most and although we may not be able to get out and have services rendered it doesn’t have to stop there.  No one can take care of you better than you. Set weekly dates to unwind and do something special just for you and take time to pamper yourself. Your mind, body and soul will thank you