The pain of losing a child or loved one is too much to keep bottled inside, let it out…this is beneficial in healing.  It’s important to share your feelings with those closest to you and if you are finding a hard time confiding in your children then gravitate to friends.  True friendships will reveal themselves during the most difficult of times. The ones really there for you and that really care for you wants to be there and help so allow them to do so.

Cry, scream, cry and then scream some more. ”Cry time” for me took place usually during bath time or car rides alone.  These were times that I could just blast my music and drown the sound of my sadness. Understand that releasing those sad emotions helps you to become better equipped in accepting those better days to come.

It took me awhile before I would cry around my children because I thought this might make them sad or upset.  Then I realized they were already sad and they needed to cry too, so this is something we began to do together turned out to be what we all needed.

Let go of any guilt and understand that this isn’t your fault.  We are put on this earth for a short while, some longer than others.  We don’t know the day nor time so try not to question death. That will only hinder the process of you getting better.