We all unfortunately at some point in our lives will be faced with the loss of a loved one leaving us to deal with the harsh reality of learning how to heal a broken heart. A bereaved heart will never be completely healed however these steps in the grieving process will bring forth better days.


When you first receive the news of the loss of a loved one, you automatically go into the first stage of grieving which is denial.  Not wanting to believe the unthinkable has happened making it difficult to make sense of it all. This is the beginning of a long, sad, uncertain journey filled with a roller coaster of emotions.


After overcoming the initial shock you then begin to question yourself and the guilt sets in.  Could you have done something to prevent this? Why did this happen to them and not you? Did you do all that you could?  This is normal and part of the process and you will get to a point when you realize that this had absolutely nothing to do with you.


This could be displayed in many different forms.  You may be angry with yourself feeling as though you could have done more and it could also be directed to someone that you feel could have prevented this from happening.  You may also start to doubt your faith and begin questioning your spirituality or religion. Talk about it, release the anger allowing yourself to heal.


You will definitely experience this through each stage and it will never completely leave you.  You’ll begin to feel a sense of loneliness and a great depth of sorrow from missing your loved one. Not knowing how you’ll move on and the feeling of emptiness will consume you.  It’s also important to understand that no matter how much time passes you will still feel this from time to time.


You will notice a shift in your mood and begin to feel a little better, starting to see a rainbow in the midst of all the rain. You’re coming to the realization that this is your new normal so you start to seek out new ways to view and work through your day to day routine.


You are beginning to focus on things requiring your attention rather being consumed by mourning.  Starting to take notice of the people and things in your life that needs you and that’s missing your presence. Whether that be your family, taking care of yourself or handling day to day business that you may have been putting off. Now you are coming more to terms with things expected of you that you’ve been neglecting in your new life.


You’ve made it to the final stage and should be super proud of yourself.  This will be the stage that you will remain in going forward. You have processed and conquered each step and now understanding and accepting your new normal.  Beginning to realize that although things will never be the same there is life after. Determination begins to settle in knowing that there is life to be lived so you make all efforts in moving forward.

Throughout the process and each phase it’s important to realize that this may be more than what you can handle on your own.  For me, staying in prayer and my faith in God is what brought me through. There’s help and many resources available so you may want to consider counseling.  

Stand strong in your faith and keep pushing for the better days to come.