The change in recent events as related to the Corona virus Pandemic has been quite the adjustment to say the least.  I’ve always enjoyed crafting but the circumstances have allowed me more time to perfect that.  This has been very beneficial in escaping all that’s going on in the world, even if just for a few hours a day.   Having a hobby is so useful in many ways and these are a few ways it has helped me.

 Hobbies provide a new challenge

It breaks up the monotony of your usual work day in positive ways.  Picking up new hobbies provides an excellent outlet for challenging yourself without the negative stress.

Hobbies requires taking a break

It provides a way to escape everyday life yet still offers a sense of purpose.  You’re doing something productive while having fun..  

Hobbies relieves stress

It clears your mind giving you something else to focus on and once you find something that you really enjoy doing your worries will quickly fade away.

Hobbies provide physical health benefits

Studies have shown that engaging in activities that you love will lower blood pressure and body mass index.  This in turn provides lower levels of anxiety and depression which is good for you both physically and mentally.

Hobbies are a great way of connecting with others

Although my hobbies are done solely alone, I do belong to a few hobby groups on social media.  This provides a way of meeting people that have similar interest and sharing our creations.  It has been very motivating and pushes me to take my creativity to other levels.

Finding something that you enjoy doing should not be stressful rather come naturally.  There’s great do it yourself ideas online and joining social groups may also be helpful in choosing your craft.  Warning, it can become quite addictive and once you start it becomes hard to stop.  Let your imagination lead you to finding something that you love.

Please enjoy a few of my hobbies located on my site under my Instagram feed. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”