Racism is highly acknowledged and recognized in the black community, however not many speak on the effects it has on mental health.  Experiencing emotional reactions in the face of racism can bring on sadness, anger and anxiety and it’s important to address in hopes of healing.   

The Impact of Racism on Mental Health may lead to feelings of loneliness and decreased trust.  This in turn leads to a disconnect from people and things that at one time may have been relevant to you. It can cause trauma which can be applied to current situations and also trigger things from the past that you can’t seem to leave behind .

Worry and a decrease in trust will also be a factor in the Impact of racism on mental health. Situations that shed light on racism will expose people for who they really are.  In most recent events, many have found that people we know, some that we work with and even businesses that we shop with did not support us or our cause at all.  

The impact of racism on mental health can lead to feelings of hopelessness for fear that even in doing the right thing, there may be horrific consequences and outcomes in your daily life because of the color of your skin.  For those not faced with this problem, imagine how heavy this may be for us.  

Most that battle mental illness find it hard to just get up and deal with another day.  Add the stress of going out into the world in fear of what you may be faced with because of your race.  I often times think of how wonderful this world might be if our race was embraced as much as our culture.

For those that are battling depression and finding it hard to cope during these uncertain times, please continue to fight the good fight and hang in there.  Know that tough times don’t last but tough people do.  Be persistent in using your voice to be an inspiration for those familiar in your struggle. You are important,  you are needed and your life matters.

Black Lives Matter…stay strong!