I’ve always been a simple girl that enjoyed all of the little things life has to offer.  I was never one to get caught up in materialistic things because I learned at a very early age that all of that can be taken away.  As I get older it becomes more clear that the things that matter most to me doesn’t come with a price tag attached.  It’s the little things in life that matter most.  

Helping Others

There is no greater joy than knowing that you were able to help someone in need.  Whether it’s being a financial blessing or just that listening ear when they need it the most. Helping to make someone’s day a little brighter is what life is all about.

Being Kind And Polite

We all may have certain burdens that we bear but some of that weight may be heavier for others.  You never know what someone may be going through so make it a priority to be genuinely kind and polite to those that you come in contact with.  Your smile could be exactly what someone is needing to get them through their day. 


Despite life’s hardships, we all have things that make us happy and so much to be thankful for.  Living another day, breathing the fresh air, a loving family, a comfortable home with food to eat are just a few of my many blessings.

Dream Big

Never limit yourself to things that are right in front of you.  Always reach for the stars and set new goals for yourself which all contribute to becoming a better you.

Forgive Others

Life is too short to hold grudges and be filled with anger so it’s important to learn to forgive and move on.  By forgiving it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily forget.  It simply allows you to let go of the things that are disturbing your peace and holding you back from a better quality of life. 

Stay Positive

Positive thoughts bring positive results so keep your eye on all of the good things life has to offer.  Life will throw plenty of curve balls but learn to go with the flow and accept the good with the bad.  Always know that things will get better.

Life is all about choices and your quality of life will be based on how you deal with the day to day.  Oftentimes we don’t take time to enjoy the little things which in turn are some of the most important things in life.  “It’s the little things that makes life big.”