Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d have to live this life without you

Losing my first born child to her own hands was one of the toughest things I’d ever had to go through

Although my life has gotten better the fact will always remain

Life just won’t be the same without you that part will never change

Being on earth without you is like being in the continuous dark

I will never be the same, forever changed for heaven has a big piece of my heart

Dreams about you turns to nightmares I awake for you I’m calling

The pain subsides a little more each day but the tears just won’t stop falling

Constant pain in my heart and the days grew longer every since you went away

I know that mentally, here on earth you suffered so is it selfish of me for wishing you had stayed

Our family has grown apart, always aching in my heart even though I know you’re in a better place

Slowly learning to be in acceptance and get back to me to allow myself to be in a better space

All the sleepless nights I’ve tossed and turned in denial for you I find myself still calling

Having to accept the harsh reality of you no longer being here so the tears just won’t stop falling

From your smile to your smell there is nothing about you that I don’t miss 

I’d give anything in this world for just one more hug and kiss

I will never question God for I know all things happen for a reason and heaven needed you the most

You were my baby, my angel on earth, the two of us were inseparable, so very close

I try each day to get better but still at times find myself for you calling

This is me, living life after, until we meet again I know the tears just won’t stop falling 

By Missy