Making A Purchase

I stopped for gas on my way to work and I usually pay at the pump but decided to go in to make another purchase.  As I proceeded to the counter to check out there was a lady paying for her items but couldn’t remember her pin for her card and seemed very flustered.  She assured the cashier that her card was valid but needed a moment. At that time she broke down in tears and I vaguely heard her saying that she recently lost her son and was having a difficult time.

My eyes began to water and I knew I had to step in and comfort her because we were both part of this community of parents dealing with the loss of a child.   I cautiously made my way to her and let her know that I too had lost a child, then asked if it was okay to give a hug. Once she heard those words her crying became more intense, as she cried out and extended her arms to me.

Two Bereaved Parents Meet

I moved her over out of the way of the new customers making their way up as we embraced and cried together.  I whispered words of encouragement and asked if she was okay with me saying a little prayer for strength for both of us.  As I prayed, I noticed she began to calm down and once I finished praying she looked up at me, wiping her eyes and grasping my hands tightly she began thanking me several times.

We got back to the counter and I placed my hand on her shoulder and told her to try her card once more and that if her pin was still incorrect that I would make the purchase for her.  She tried and what do you know, that card went through.


You never know when and who God will allow you to cross paths with.  Once again, I normally don’t even go inside the store but at that very moment, it was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I left with hopes that I had been of some help and provided strength for my “sister in pain” if only for a short while. I’m certain she doesn’t know that at that time I also needed her just as much.  The emotions that flowed between us was something that I really needed, just in time for the Holidays. (Look at God)