Each day as a bereaved mother can bring so many uncertainties when it comes to your emotions.  There will be days when you may not even feel like getting out of bed and days when joy overcomes you and you’re ready for whatever comes your way. Today is a joyous day, I’m truly blessed and I woke up happy.

Happy to have people that love me and need me just as much as I love and need them.  Happy to be in good health and for employment because somewhere, many are struggling in these things.  Happy to be living because someone didn’t make it another day. Notice how I’m taking nothing for granted and choosing to remain positive in my thoughts.

Happiness is a choice…and each day you can choose to either be consumed with sorrow or push through and discover all of the many reasons that you have to smile.  We all can find reasons to be sad but I know for sure that my reasons to be happy outweigh those by far.

Life can be tough but it can also be beautiful and is all in what you make it. Not all days will be good but it’s how you train your thought process that determines how you will make it through the bad times. Once I made the decision to change my “I CAN’T” to “I WILL” is when life got much better for me.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad days, unfortunately there’s no way around that. However even in those times still stay in good spirits by trying to stand firm in the many reasons you have to be happy.

I’m happy to have reached acceptance in my situation and to have made it through many storms,   I’m happy to now be a blogger with the strength to share my story so that I can move forward in helping others.  I’m happy to be of sound mind and I  am happy that you chose to take this journey with me.

I challenge you today, make a list with all of the positives in your life then follow that by a list of the negatives.  I can guarantee the good will outweigh the bad and you too will be happy.

“Happiness is not having what you want, It’s wanting what you have.”

Choose Happiness!