This morning was a day filled with many emotions for me.  It’s the day that we registered my last born blessing for Kindergarten.  My heart is so full of joy but there is a part of me that feels a bit of sadness because our little guy is growing so fast.   It’s really happening, he’s going to elementary school so I have to mentally prepare for this next chapter.  I could tell by the smile on his face as we were signing him up that he is excited and will do great.

The Beginning
It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our baby home from the hospital.  All of the sweet memories from these past five years just playing in my head. From him taking his first steps, to singing his first song, to learning how to ride his bike with no training wheels.  The joy he has brought to our family in these five short years just can’t be explained.

The Present

At least two mornings out of the week on our ride to drop him off at Pre-K he makes it clear that he will be riding the bus once he starts “big boy” school .  Lately, he also ask that I kiss him in the car so that he doesn’t have to deal with the “embarrassment” of his friends seeing it in school.

At home, he is the most loving, affectionate, kind and compassionate kid you will meet.  He loves to play in my hair and tell me how awesome I am. He loves to sit in dad’s lap and watch videos on his tablet.  He genuinely adores us all and loves us just as much as we love and adore him.

Blessings To Come

This journey has been new for me, as I raised my other children as a single mother so all of the responsibilities were solely on me.  Watching our son grow together, in a loving home as a wife has been one of the best experiences of my life. We are truly blessed and I’m so very excited to see what this next chapter holds. He walked the hallways of that school as if he owned the place so I am certain it will be a smooth transition for him. We’re just getting started and I see great things in the future for our last born blessing.