I received a text message shortly after arriving to work today from my sister who lives out of town.  She expressed that she was having a tough time during this holiday season and apologized if she had seemed to be a bit distant in the past couple of weeks.

She missed our parents, she missed her dog that had recently passed, she missed our family holiday celebrations and she was just drained from the day to day tasks of being a mother and wife.

There was a time that people wouldn’t express their pain to me for fear of me breaking down and becoming uncontrollably upset. Look at me now…living and having the strength to be of support to my family that was also feeling the loss of our loved ones.

I offered words of encouragement to my sister and expressed how much I loved and missed her and her kids.  More than anything I just allowed her the time to vent and be that listening ear that I know she needed.  

This goes back to me saying that we all suffer after losing a loved one.  It’s important to not get so wrapped up in your own grief that you can’t allow yourself to help those closest to you during the process as well.   My sister was always my pillar of strength, especially after I lost my daughter. It took me sometime, unfortunately, to realize she had lost someone special too and also felt pain.

Needless to say, my husband, son and I will be taking a road trip this weekend to lay eyes on my sissy.  I can’t wait to hug and love all over her and try to relieve some of her stress. Even if only for a few hours.  I know this will go a long way, because in my darkest days, sometimes this was all that I needed.