It’s important to take care of yourself and partake of something that you enjoy doing. My kids and I always loved to shop so most Saturday’s we’d enjoy an outing to the mall which gave us all something to look forward to during the week.

Host a small gathering at home for your closest friends.  Every couple of months I have a “mexican and margarita” themed girls gathering at my home.  It’s time for us to catch up and enjoy one another without having to necessarily spend a lot of money.

Since my family dynamic has changed, so has what is deemed “fun” in our household.  Taking my young son to the park or going with him for bike rides is big in my home because this makes him so happy which makes me happy.
Having “date nights” with my husband is also a must for me now and something that I greatly look forward to.

It’s little things for me now, like trips to Hobby Lobby to grab items for my next project.  My new favorite hobby is candy bouquets, baskets, wreaths and other cool unique gift and centerpiece ideas.

Self care is important so discover things you enjoy and  take time for you!