To be deprived of a loved one through a profound absence, especially due to a loved one’s death.

I am a bereaved mother!  I’m still learning how to cope and work through the grief of losing my daughter even 14 years later.  I’ve been through something that no parent ever wants to face but my faith in God has given me the strength to push on.

When you lose a child, or any loved one for that matter, people tend to view you as courageous or strong.  But in all actuality, what choice do we really have? After I lost Shae the tears were uncontrollable. Thinking of life without her and trying to move on but not knowing where and how to begin.  It was all just too much to take in, and this feeling was the same when losing my parents although I can say losing my child hit completely different. 

There have been a lot of times that I’ve been vulnerable, broken, depressed and not okay but I made the choice to give it my best fight and put on a happy face.  I had others that needed me and were depending on me.

I have children, a husband, a home to care for and a job that all depends on me.  I’m walking through life knowing that God only gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and I accept my calling.  

Losing someone close to you in most times leaves you broken, and weak.  I am often times tired and most can’t understand this. I may say that I’m tired and my husband or children will respond “didn’t you sleep well last night?”  My soul is tired, my body sometimes feels weary and this is caused by all of the heartache and restless nights my body has been through over the years.

A bereaved heart is a changed heart.  The walk you used to walk will change, the talk you use to talk will change.  Dying is the inevitable so at some point and time in our lives we all will be bereaved but that fact still doesn’t make it any easier.  

My tip to you is to pray, stand strong in your faith, and set the tone for each day by committing to having a better day than the day before.  

Speak healing and greatness into existence.  God bless!