You are the light that is needed to dim this cold, dark world

You are the epitome of strength, love and compassion that is needed for our girls

Woman you are the sunshine on a cloudy day

You influence and nurture, with you around we all feel that everything is okay

You are that breath of fresh air for those that are going through tough times

You are a treasure, nothing compares to you, one of earth’s most precious finds

Woman you are perfectly made by our creator and you are confident in who you are

You are an original piece, a work of art, to the heavens is how high you set the bar

You are a mother, wife, nurse, teacher, provider, confidante and nothing compares to you

Each morning you wake and put your best foot forward giving 100% in all that you do

Woman you are fierce, you are beautiful, you are phenomenal, you are loved

God knew exactly what he was doing when creating you, a true blessing from above

You are patient, forgiving and uplifting for all of those that mean the most to you

You always show empathy, looking for the bright side in all things, your heart is completely true

Woman you are fun, you are full of humor and a joy to be around

One can search high and low for a match for all that you do and nothing would be found

You are that bandage to a wound, that smile to a frown, that warmth on a cold winter’s night

You are that cool peaceful spring day, the quinch to a thirst, the calm all around when in site

Woman you are awesome in all that you do, so confident in your walk

You are that better half, when sad you always offer laughs, with wisdom spoken when you talk

You are appreciated, we thank God for you and all that you do in just being the woman that you are