The year 2020 has been nothing that our generation or the one before us has ever experienced.  The pandemic has changed the lives of everyone across the world.  There is nowhere to run to escape the harsh reality as we all are impacted.  Lockdowns causing businesses and schools to close with so many facing eviction. The uncertainties of it all have put a strain on most of us so you are not alone if feeling overwhelmed. These are a few coping mechanism’s that I’ve adapted to doing that I find helpful.

Go For A Walk

When the day to day stress seems to be taking over, get outside and take in a breath of fresh air.  Take a walk and enjoy nature and find peace in all of the beautiful things God has created.

Disconnect From Social Media

While it’s important to stay informed you must also allow yourself time away from the stories and headlines.  Seems like there is no escaping all of the madness going on.  Allow yourself time to disconnect and recharge by focusing on you.

Keep A Journal

Write down your feelings as these moments won’t last forever. Express your joys, sorrows, good days and bad days taking the time to go back and reflect to see how far you’ve come.

Allow Yourself A Break

It’s important that each day you take a few minutes to yourself.  Focus on your feelings and the good things happening around you.  I enjoy a nice ride out alone for coffee and even walks outside on breaks at work.  That gives me a few moments to escape life’s responsibilities.

Let It Be

Not everything is in your control which means there are some things in life that you simply can’t fix.  Learn to adjust and be okay with that and just let what will be…be.

It’s completely normal to feel lost especially during times such as these.  Not knowing what lies ahead with each day and no longer having normalcy in our lives is tough. Just know that everyone in this very moment is dealing with something.  You are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed but we will get through this together.